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Your Member Profile

To edit your member profile, navigate to your profile by hovering over your name on the blue bar and clicking on “My Profile


Then click the edit button


Base Profile

The base profile section contains the basic required fields for your profile.

  • Name” type your full name.
  • Zip Code” type your zip code.
  • Displayed Location” type your location. Other information you can include here is what community/neighborhood you work in, and whether your work is local, regional, national, etc.


Click the profile picture icon to upload a profile picture or click the “Change Profile Photo” tab.


Other Profile Information 

  • Organization” what organization you work or volunteer with.
  • Area of Focus” type in your focus of work, skills and area of expertise in your own words.
  • Biography” Please use this section to type in a little more about yourself, your history in the field or movement and any other stories you would like to share with the community about what motivates you to do this work.
  • Title” please select one or multiple of the title options that you self identify as.


Community Norms and Privacy Policy

You must agree to SciCAN’s Privacy Policy and Community Norms to participate on the

SciCAN platform. The full policies can be viewed by clicking on the hyperlinks.

When finished, be sure to select “Save Changes” to save the changes.


Send invitations to people to join SciCAN by going to the “Invitations” Tab and entering their email address. They will receive an email containing a link to join, which you can add a personalized message to. Check your pending invites by clicking the pending invites button.


View your activity on different forums by clicking on the forums tab. There you can see which topics you started, replies that you made, your general engagement, topics you’ve favorited, and topics you’re subscribed to.

Check your personal messages by clicking the envelope icon on your profile page. Send a message to a fellow SciCAN member using their username or name.

To view your notifications, click the bell icon on your profile page.

You can choose to see your unread and read notifications, and filter by oldest or newest first.





For more profile settings, click the gear icon on your profile page.

On the settings page you can perform functions such as changing your password, customizing your email notifications, exporting your personal data, and deleting your account.

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