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Ann Nguyen

I found a cool GIS website created by the EPA called the UST Finder ( It’s a map that contains some information on USTs.

When I searched Zill LLC in the search box, it led me to Zill LLC #2 at 5901 Swope Parkway. This is the incorrect address I was looking for. This made me think that Zill probably owned 2 different UST sites.

When I scrolled through the map to 31st and Cleveland, I found the correct Facility ID that matched the file I have been looking at (MOST0008310). Of the 6 UST records related to the site, 4 USTs are closed and removed, 1 is still open (MO40618) and 1 is temporarily out of service (MO40617). There are 2 Release Lust ID also related to the site (MOR008771 and MOR008661). R8771 is related to the 2006 gas leak but I am not sure where R8661 is coming from. This site is still one to this day.

There are ~6 other USTs that are near Zill’s UST in this case. All of which are within a source of water protection area that is the same as the Zill site. 5 out of 6 of the site has a release lust ID around the 1990s and only 2 out of the 6 USTs are open to this day.

My next step in the project is to find out why one of the UST is temporarily out of service on if this UST was the one with the leak in it. I also want to get more information on Release LUST ID: MOR008661. This R number has never been mentioned so far in my previous searches. Additionally, to find more resources, through the public water system database to see if they have any records about a gas leak on SPA Public Water System and Facility ID: MO1010464_84405

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