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Ann Nguyen

I contacted the MDNR media team via an email I found on their website ( They were able to connect me to the custodian of records, Missouri Attorney General’s Office, the tanks program manager, and the current team that is dealing with the site.

Based on the information they have provided me, this site is still a present issue to this day. The latest complaint that was reported to MDNR was in 2018. The MDNR only knows of two releases from the tank system that have occurred at this site. One in 2012 and another in 2014. Right now, the MDNR is coordinating a joint effort with the EPA to conduct additional work at the site. This work included an investigation to identify contamination sources and efforts to continue site characterization with the addition of monitoring wells and additional soil borings to delineate soil and groundwater impacts. This work began in December 2019 with the most recent groundwater sampling event in September 2021. Based on the new work that was performed, the MDNR has issued a letter to Zill, LLC identifying them as the source and requiring them to continue delineating soil and groundwater impacts, as well as performing additional free product recovery.

My next step is to schedule a meeting with the UST team to learn more about the site and hopefully get access to more recent records and documents. Also, I will be reaching out to the EPA to see if they know anything about the redevelopment project that is happening at the site

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