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Coronado, CA 92118, USA

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My research and teaching efforts focus on issues concerning human and ecological health (especially minoritized and marginalized populations) at regional, national, and global levels



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global health; structural and social determinants of health; climate migration; race/gender/class disparities; workers' health and safety; precarious employment

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Brenda K. Wilson, PhD is a Postdoctoral Scholar and Lecturer at the University of California – San Diego [UCSD]. My research and teaching focuses on the structural and social determinants of health and health inequities, with particular emphasis on marginalized populations such as displaced migrants and refugees, racial/ethnic minorities, and the working poor. I have conducted photo-ethnographic fieldwork with Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic and migrants in India to understand how health inequalities are produced, deployed, embodied, and experienced, and she translates her research findings into policies/practices to inform future research and advocacy. Additional principal areas of research focus include global health; social studies of medicine and health; histories of health inequities; Latin American/Caribbean migration; precarious employment; environmental degradation/climate change; and postcolonialism and decolonization. At UCSD, her current research program seeks to better understand the health trajectories of refugees and asylum seekers from departure to resettlement, specifically those who cross the US-Mexico border. She is also an advisory board member of APHA’s Center for Climate Change, Health, and Equity. Dr. Wilson has a PhD in the Medical and Health Humanities from the University of Texas – Medical Branch, MA in Natural Resources and Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba (Canada), and BS in Human Biology from Texas State University.



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