Khondaker Md. Nur Alam


Khondaker Md. Nur Alam

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Harrison, NJ 07029, USA

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Newark, NJ


Rutgers University-Newark

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Environmental Geochemistry, Soil Science, Analytical Chemistry, Soil & Water pollution

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I’m a Ph.D. student in environmental science, concentrating in the field of environmental geochemistry and soil science. My research explores how suboxic iron minerals interact with trace metals like nickel, zinc, and manganese, which are essential for plant growth, but the excessive presence of these metals in aqueous systems harms biodiversity and human health. Suboxic iron minerals, such as green rust and Nikisherite, form in low-oxygen environments like subsurface soil, submerged soil, groundwater, and drinking water pipes. I investigate the interaction between trace metals and suboxic iron minerals using instrumental soil and water analysis techniques. Through my work, I intend to contribute to the understanding of the fate and transport of trace metals in suboxic environments and the development of innovative solutions for environmental cleanup.



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