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The Problem: Environmental Racism: a form of systemic racism whereby communities of color are intentionally and disproportionately burdened with health hazards through policies and practices, lack of environmental enforcement and loopholes in laws designed to protect public health, such as the Clean Air Act. These same laws force communities of color to live fenceline to sources of toxic air, water and soil pollution. These same communities are continuously exposed to environmental hazards from multiple facilities including legacy contamination..The Solution: Organize, with Community Led Solutions in Public Policy to improve public health. “Turn invisible pollution into data points, and give decision making power to those who are directly impacted by the findings.”Join MFN Member Beto Lugo from CleanAirNow Kansas as he discusses how his organization and others use personal air monitors for data collection. During this webinar, you’ll learn that engaging in air monitoring and turning invisible pollution into data points gives decision making power to those who are directly impacted by the findings. For decades environmental justice communities have been burdened by high levels of toxic air, water, and soil pollution. The solution is to organize with the community, and further community led solutions to improve public health!

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Beto Lugo Martinez

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Air Pollution, Public Health, Environmental Injustice

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