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Communities that experience the greatest burdens of climate and environmental hazards in their neighborhoods can greatly benefit from local public health experts who support their work and amplify their efforts. Relationships between community members and public health professionals can help ensure community needs are addressed in decision-making and technical information is shared with those who can use it to build power and achieve health equity. In this virtual workshop, organized by the Science and Community Action Network (SciCAN.org) in collaboration with the American Public Health Association’s Center for Climate, Health and Equity feature a panel of environmental justice leaders and health professionals to discuss how public health professionals can build equitable, trust-based partnerships with communities. Through these partnerships, public health professionals have a tremendous opportunity to support overburdened, environmental justice communities, incorporate community lived experiences and expertise into their work, to achieve more equitable health outcomes. This workshop includes a panel discussion with environmental justice leaders and health professional and who will: - Share stories of partnerships gone well (and some not so well), and - Share best practices and advice for building and maintaining relationships based on trust.

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Beto Martinez, Elizabeth Friedman, Katherine Catalano, Omega Wilson, Joe Bowman, Atenas Mena, Sydney Ormerod

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Community Led, Environmental Justice, Community Led Research, Public Health

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Environmental Justice Leaders, Grassroots, Organizing, Public Health

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