What is SciCAN?

SciCAN, the Science and Community Action Network, is an environmental justice designed and community centered organization that backs environmental justice grassroots campaigns by centering community expertise in research and policy, and connects grassroots movements, scientists, and technical and issue area experts from neighborhoods across the country.

Our Mission

SciCAN advances grassroots environmental justice advocacy by connecting grassroots leaders and issue area experts in environmental and public health science and policy to collaborate respectfully and intentionally, share ideas and resources, and disrupt traditional approaches by placing community lived expertise at the forefront of research and policy.

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Our Team

Jessica Thomas Managing Director
Jessica Thomas is the Managing Director for Science and Community Action Network.
Elizabeth Friedman Academic Advisor
Elizabeth Friedman is the Director of Academic Partnerships for Science and Community Action Network.
Beto Lugo Martinez Community Network Director
He is an Environmental Justice organizer and Advisor for Science and Community Action Network.

Why join the SciCAN Network?

SciCAN provides a space to build alliances that protect our most vulnerable communities while they battle constant threats that stem from environmental, economic and social injustice. There are a number of benefits available to SciCAN users. Here are just a few:

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Our Community

SciCAN is rooted in environmental justice principles, designed and led by fenceline community expertise, to support our movement across intersectional issues. EJ calls for the continued education of present and future generations, and the recognition and valuing of place based, community lived experience as rigorous data and information critical to understanding the problems and shaping the solutions to our environmental and climate justice crises.

Fiscally sponsored by Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501c3 organization.

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