The Community's Platform

SciCAN’s The Community’s Platform provides a space to build alliances that protect our most impacted communities while they battle constant threats that stem from environmental, economic and social injustice.

There are a number of benefits to being a part of the community. 

Here are just a few:

Access to shared research, resources, projects, and personal stories.

Connections with allies from a variety of backgrounds without geographical barriers.

A single location that fosters open and inclusive communication within our diverse community, including between advocacy groups and subject matter experts.

Up-to-date information, with forums and resources that are continuously evolving as the movement evolves.

Opportunities for scientists and other issue area experts to bring their work into practice in service of frontline communities.

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SciCAN is rooted in environmental justice principles, designed and led by fenceline community expertise, to support our movement across intersectional issues. EJ calls for the continued education of present and future generations, and the recognition and valuing of place based, community lived experience as rigorous data and information critical to understanding the problems and shaping the solutions to our environmental and climate justice crises.

For fundamental guidance, we look to the Jemez Principles, Principles of Environmental Justice, and the Bali Principles of Climate Justice, among others. You can find those readings here.

SciCAN members are required to review and agree to our community norms and code of conduct, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.