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Kansas City, Environmental Justice, Fenceline Communities, Community Engagement, Environmental Justice Movement, Environmental Racism, Land Use, Air Pollution, Housing, Climate Change, Superfund Sites, Black Carbon, Toxics, Metal Recycling Facilites, Diesel, Community Voices, Legacy Contamination, Environmental Justice General Plan

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This is an example of how a grassroots, EJ, local organization has addressed local EJ concerns by publicly providing formalized feedback to the County Government's Director of Planning on a local Community (Armourdale) General Plan, as it was being developed.
As a result, multiple specific items as well as a greater understanding of the importance of environmental health for the residents, were taken into account by the local government/city planners from CleanAirNow's recommendations.


CleanAirNow. "CleanAirNow Environmental Justice Recommendations on the Armourdale General Plan. May 2021


CleanAirNow Environmental Justice Recommendations on the Armourdale General Plan.About CleanAirNow CleanAirNow is a grassroots environmental justice organization in Kansas City, and was initiated by community concerns around chemical industrial pollution, diesel emissions, hazardous toxic waste and environmental health inequities at the fenceline. From the start, CleanAirNow has sought to disrupt and dismantle the environmental racism that impacts communities in Kansas City and the surrounding region. We focus on building community power through environmental health education, equitable community-based research projects, and people-driven solutions in public policy. These fenceline communities are neighborhoods located near pollution sources in the form of noise, odors, chemical and toxin releases, legacy contaminants, or other forms of man-made pollution.



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